Ag Expo generates interest in Morehouse Parish

Morehouse Economic Development Corporation participated in the  

2017 Ag Expo on January 13 & 14 this year to promote the area.  

The event generated interest in Chemin-a-haut park and a number 

of business contacts were made. It was estimated that the attendance 

generated as many as 10,000 contacts throughout the two day event.

The effort is part of the organizations goal to promote the positive 

amenities that the parish has to offer. A door prize of that gift card to

Simmon’s Sporting Goods was won by Janice Summers of Rayville.

She was very excited to win the prize. Simmon’s popularity provides 

a great incentive to get people into the booth.  Vicki Carpenter, Kay King, 

Terry Moore and Joe Mansour manned the booth and helped with set up.