City of Bastrop

Parish Seat of Morehouse Parish with historic square, shopping centers, specialty shops. Over 23,000 people are located in the Bastrop zip code. Bastrop is home of Simmons Sporting Goods which is always a popular shopping destination of visitors in Northeast Louisiana. Situated on the Bastrop-Morehouse Ridge has been a premier location of large industry through the years. It is the gateway to Southeast Arkansas with access by U.S. Highway 165, U.S. 425 and is a true cross road to Interstate connections.

Village of Bonita

The Village of Bonita is located in the northeast area of Morehouse Parish on U.S. Highway 165 and the mainline of the Union Pacific Railway. Bonita means “pretty” in Spanish and was named for the beautiful forest and glade. Today is framed by the Bayou Bonne Idee, cypress brakes and rich farm land which can become a center of activity during planting, harvest or duck season.

Village of Collinston

Just south of Bastrop and near Swartz offers some beautiful scenery off the ridge at the Kalorama Nature Preserve. The home of Northeast Tel, the rural telephone company offers high quality fiber optic phone connection through many of the many rural areas of Morehouse parish. If you like country but need high speed internet connection Collinston is a good place to start looking. Near Wham Brake which is now part of the Russell Sage Wildlife Management Area , duck hunting is a popular winter activity.

Village of Mer Rouge

is often referred to as the agricultural center of Morehouse Parish. Dotted with grain elevators, grain processing centers and farm related businesses, it is obvious that agriculture means big money here. The stately homes that line the main highway reflect the charm of southern living and the taste of genteel farming families that are dedicated to community, home and quality living. Mer Rouge is home to Kennedy Rice Mill, Big River Grain and the Oak Woods Rehabilitation Hospital.

Village of Oak Ridge

is situated near the halfway point from Bastrop to Interstate 20 at Rayville. Clark Williams expanded the family telephone business from Oak Ridge into three states. The company expanded into CenturyLink which has headquarters in Monroe. Telephone services are provided by Centurylink. The Starr Homeplace is located just north of Oak Ridge and showcases historical artifacts of farm life in the area.

Log Cabin and Beekman

unincorporated areas along U.S. 425 north of Bastrop are growing areas of the parish. Morehouse BioEnergy, LLC (Drax Biomass) located in the area with construction of a wood pellet mill as part of a global project to reduce dependency on coal. The AL&M Railway and four-lane expansion of U.S. 425 have generated new developments. Beekman is home to the Beekman Charter School which is a K-12. Log Cabin offers retail, food, small businesses.

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