MEDCO Promotes Parish at Home Expo

The MEDCO booth at the 2016 Home Expo on the weekend of February 20 & 21 promoted homes and activities in Morehouse Parish at the popular regional event. The Northeast Louisiana Home Builders hosts the annual event at the Monroe Civic Center. Bob Green, Kay King, Kathy Lenard, Terry Moore Jack Scoggins and Puddin Young volunteered their time to greet attendees. A short survey was taken to determine what kind of activities people find interesting. This will help the Board of Directors in what areas to focus future promotional efforts. Farmer’s Market was a top area of interest but food and other outdoor activities also rated strong.

A gift card from Simmon’s Sporting Goods was awarded as a door price from all that registered at the booth. Danny Price of Trout Louisiana won the prize and is looking forward to shopping in Bastrop. This was the second year the organization participated in the event to raise awareness of great home values and area activities which included promotion of Chemin-a-haut State Park.