Morehouse General Hospital Opens Hope Unit

Morehouse General Hospital held the Grand Opening for their new Hope Unit (Helping Older People Emotionally), psychiatric wing on June 27, 2018. 

The renovations to first floor features a common area, therapy rooms, and ten in-patient rooms.  The improvement project took nearly two years to complete at a cost of around a million dollars. The design of the unit addresses the needs and comfort of patients while including necessary safety features. Patient rooms feature low platform beds, are handicap accessible and have features such as mirrors made from a shatterproof material. 

The current management of the hospital is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to area residents.  While this unit will provide services to patients across the region, the citizens of Morehouse Parish are fortunate to have this well equipped facility right here at home. Marie Stephenson, Chief Nursing Officer at Morehouse General Hospital says the hospital realized the need for a unit like this after taking part in a community health assessment two years ago. 

According to the World Health Organization over 20% of adults age 60 and over suffer from a mental disorder. Many are dealing with depression over the loss of independence or the loss a loved one.  As people age they often struggle with the challenge of daily living. 

Patients under the care of the HOPE unit learn how to cope with things they otherwise thought they could not handle. Group therapy is a key role in the recovery process. “Studies have shown that decreases in activity increases decline. We work to make sure that they’re active and mentally stimulated,” says recreational therapist Smiles Thomas.

Anyone can be assessed to see if the HOPE unit would be a good fit. It is free of charge and nurse will come to evaluate you. Typically a patient will stay about days and many see are making remarkable improvements. If you or a loved one might benefit from this program you can contact the HOPE Unit Program Director, Shannon Grantham at 318-283-3900.