New Dollar General Store in Mer Rouge

The new Dollar General Store in Mer Rouge celebrated its opening with a Bastrop/Morehouse Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting on Wednesday. The new store is located on Highway 165 immediately behind the Mer Rouge State Bank and boasts a full assortment of merchandise for residents — many of whom were shopping while the ribbon cutting took place.

Chamber Director Dorothy Ford described the arrival of Dollar General in Mer Rouge as perfect timing.

“This is a great thing for Mer Rouge,” Ford said. “I’m very excited about the store arriving, and I think they are going to be busier serving the area than they think they are.”

In addition to providing goods to local residents, it is anticipated that the store will prove to be a draw for people from Goodwill, Bonita, Jones and Oak Ridge. The opening of Dollar General also coincides with the construction of a Subway restaurant in Mer Rouge on Highway 165 near the post office and across the street from Dr. Ogden’s former dental practice. The Subway is being built around an older building, and the Dollar General is actually on the site of a former barn in Mer Rouge. During his comments to the crowd, Mer Rouge Mayor Johnny McAdams highlighted the Clark family for their cooperation and Amy Ellender for her hard work in helping obtain the site.

“Mer Rouge is just growing because we are agriculturally based and agriculture is doing great,” McAdams told the Enterprise. “This site, when I was growing up, was DRC Mule Barn, and now it is a Dollar General. I was born and raised here all my life, and we are so happy to have it. I think because of our economy doing so well Dollar General really recognized it, and that is why they wanted to open here.”

Ford hopes the economy in Mer Rouge will be furthered by the Dollar General because of the enhanced ability it provides residents to “shop local” and support the tax base.

“I’m really big on pushing shop local,” Ford said. “I really encourage all of you to shop here if you can. Not only will that encourage the Dollar General store to stay here, but it also gives sales tax dollars to Mer Rouge so the mayor will have a lot more money, hopefully, to start doing some more things for the village.”