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MEDCO Holds Annual Luncheon

In October 2022, Morehouse Economic Development Corporation held its Annual Luncheon. Dr. John Lipka was the featured speaker. Dr. Lipka, representing the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM), spoke to area community members about their mission. The Monroe Campus is located on the ULM The medical college is focused on training students to supply medical professionals in underserved
CommuniHealth (formally known as the Morehouse Community Medical) and CEO, Katie Parnell were awarded the 2022 Economic Development award for the vision and sustaining contribution to the community in developing a comprehensive medical services clinic. The facility, located at 314 North Franklin, Bastrop, will ensure all residents have access to quality healthcare. In addition, the project removed several derelict buildings in a prime commercial area which has increased interest in additional improvements in one of the primary traffic corridors within the City of Bastrop.